Technology Services

The Library has many computer resources available

Equipment Available for Checkout
  • Wireless laptops (library use only)
  • Digital Cameras (3 days)
  • Portable LCD Projectors (3 days - Faculty & Staff Only)
Computers Available

There are over 70 computers available for patron use. There are open computer labs on the 3rd floor and the 1st floor (in the Learning Center).

Wireless Internet Access

The Library has wireless internet access. Please feel free to bring in your own wireless device and connect by logging in with your Northeast State username and password.

Print/Copy Allowance

Each semester, students receive a print/copy allowance of 30 dollars. These funds are attached to your network computer account and allow you to print and photocopy. Once the funds are used up, students must go to the Business Office on the first floor of the Pierce Building to add more money to their accounts.


All the computers in the Library have printing capabilities. Printing costs 10 cents a page for standard black and white and 25 cents a page for color. All printing charges are deducted from your print/copy allowance. Computers on the second floor will print black and white copies to the printer in room L201A (photocopier room) if you choose the black and white printer. Otherwise, the copies will print on the third floor in L302 (database lab). All of the computers on the third floor will print in room L302. Color copies will only print in L302.


The Library has two photocopiers available for patron use, one on the second floor and one on the third floor. Copies cost 10 cents each and are deducted from your print/copy allowance.


A scanner is available in the open lab on the third floor (Room L302).

Microfiche Readers

A microfiche reader/printer is available in the Periodicals Room on the third floor. Some older issues of a limited number of periodicals are available on microfiche. Printing on the microfiche reader/printer is free.